Mandatory Food Trends: Candy Corn Brats Take a Bad Thing and Make It Wurst

Hopefully, we can all agree that candy corn is one of the biggest atrocities of Halloween. No one wants to find those dry, pasty triangles in their treat bucket. But a pair of butchers in Wisconsin has turned the inedible symbols of autumn into something we might actually eat – bratwursts.

“‘Spook’Toberfest’ brats new today. Made with Lake Louie Brewing Oktoberfest & candy corn. Slightly sweet & not scary at all!” Jenifer Street Market tweeted recently with pics of the seasonal meaty delights.

“It’s just your traditional brat,” Justin Strassman, one of the creators of the Halloween hybrid, told TODAY Food. “But we use an Oktoberfest beer in there, so there’s that caramel sweetness. We usually make the traditional brat, and we thought to change it up with candy corn.”

According to those brave souls who’ve tried it, the mash-up is a success.

The brats retail for $4.99 a pound, a dollar more than the butchers’ traditional flavor, but they’re currently selling twice as fast. The butchers were glad to see their spooky experiment take off, because other flavors they’ve tried in the past – including a root beer float brat and a supreme pizza brat – failed to entice shoppers.

As much as we despise candy corn, we have to admit: we’d be willing to give this a try. It might be the only redeeming thing to do with candy corn.

Cover Photo: Jennifer Street Market



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