Insane Footage Shows Police Run Over Woman Shooting At Them

Photo: LiveLeak

If you thought video of the hostage situation in Florida was crazy to watch, the video below might top that one because it involves a woman shooting at cops before she is ran over.

The incident, which occurred in Oklahoma, kicked off when 21-year-old Madison Sueann Dickson, who was already wanted for a bunch of crimes, including assault with a dangerous weapon, unauthorized use of a vehicle and discharging a firearm in a public place, began running from cops while shooting back at them, and while shooting at random cars.

Insane Footage Shows Police Run Over Woman Shooting At Them

Dashcam footage clearly shows a gun in Dickson’s hand, as she is eventually ran over. Dickson didn’t make it as the hit killed her.

Check out the crazy footage below thanks to LiveLeak, but heads up: this might be tough to watch for some folks.

This occurred after a high-speed chase involving Dickson and police. Dickson is also believed to have shot two people in separate incidents, one who was a man who was shot in the head and remains in critical condition.

The man behind the wheel of the police car, Officer Jonathan Grafton will be on paid administrative leave while the department investigates the use of deadly force.

h/t The Sun

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