Off-Duty Brazilian Cop Kills Two Robbers While Holding His Kid

Screenshot: LiveLeak

Is the kid considered his sidekick now?

Sergeant Rafael Souza was caught on film entering a pharmacy in the centre of Campo Limpo Paulista in Brazil with his wife and their young son in order to buy pharmacy. But things obviously didn’t go according to plan when two gunmen rushed into the pharmacy.

While the clerk was ringing up Souza’s wife, two guys with hoods and a gun barged into the pharmacy. Reports state that one of the suspects, 24-year-old Jefferson Alves, pointed the gun at Souza, who identified himself as a police officer, and that’s when the chaos started.

Check out the crazy video below to see Souza shoot the robbers…all while holding his kid in his arms. But just a heads up, it’s a tad graphic.

Souza, of the 49th Metropolitan Battalion, said that the suspect intended to shoot him so he reacted and shot him first. Souza shot one of the suspects at point blank range before going after the other suspect. And in the end both of the gunmen were dead, and the baby, who Souza handed over to his wife on the video, was also fine.

And now when that child gets older, Souza can show him this video as a reminder of that one time they bonded.

h/t Daily Mail

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