New Fitness Trend Combines Boxing and Booze (So Basically, A Saturday Night)

Fitness fanatics keep trying to get lazy people to join their ranks. They seem so enthusiastic about recruiting new gym rats, it’s almost as if they get a commission if you break a sweat in their immediate vicinity. Though we can’t imagine they have much success dragging sloths to CrossFit, there’s no shortage of new gimmicky workout fads trying to entice lard asses to join the ranks of the buff and beautiful.

Take New York City’s GRIT BXNG, for example. It combines combat with booze to try to appeal to…angry alcoholics?

In one TikTok video of the studio that boasts a “party workout,” (though we insist there’s no such thing), punching bags hang like disco balls, lights flash Saturday Night Fever style, and a camera phone pans over boxes of pizza and shots of tequila. (Because, you know, who doesn’t want to undo all their hard work immediately after exercising?)

@jannehkonneh My new favorite workout class in NYC #GRITBoxing #nyc #nycfitness #nycworkout #boxing #tiptok #spring ♬ Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg

The 50-minute classes cost $39 bucks a pop and are advertised with cheesy taglines like “Thirsty Thursday” and “Tequila Tuesday and TikTok Songs.”

@letsgotohappyhour NYC workout that’s also a party #unionsquarenyc #gritbxng #nycworkout #boxingclasses #nycboxing #nycpartyguide #gritboxing #onlyinnewyorkcity ♬ Confetti (feat. Saweetie) (Billen Ted Remix) – Little Mix

Aside from looking like Barbie’s version of boxing, this whole idea just seems so pretentious, obnoxious, and, honestly, redundant. If you want to get your fight on while also getting buzzed and chowing down on salty food, you could just go to a biker bar. Surely someone there will beat you up after a few beers – and they’ll do it for free!

For the rest of us who are too cowardly for a real-life fight, there’s GRIT BXNG.

Cover Photo: TikTok