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Eggo to Give 100,000 Tired Parents Free Waffles For Daylight Savings Time, Can We Use Them As Pillows?

Daylight Savings Time is a drag, especially when you have kids. Parents are already sleep-deprived enough as it is without some random calendar date stealing another hour of sweet, sweet slumber from them. Eggo understands, and is trying to lessen the blow of changing the clocks this year by giving away free waffles.

Yes, the brand made infamous on the Netflix series Stranger Things is launching a promotion that’ll put 10-count boxes of the frozen breakfast food staple into the hands of 100,000 moms and dads across the country. That’s 1 million waffles for those of us who can’t – or are simply to exhausted – to do the math.

“Even in the middle of morning craziness, Eggo waffles are often the one thing both parents and kids can rely onto go right,” the company said in a release.

98 Degrees singer and three-time dad Nick Lachey kicked off the campaign with this hilariously relatable Instagram ad.


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Want to get in on the freebie brekkie? Well, first, you have to have a kid. So go take care of that if you need to. Then, follow Eggo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. That’s where the brand will announce the giveaway on March 14. You’ll then sign up via an online registration form, and winners (who will be chosen on a first come first serve basis), will get an email with instructions on how to redeem the reward.

Sheesh, that sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? But it’ll be worth it when those crunchy golden delivery systems of butter and syrup pop up from the toaster so you can devour them…though if you’re like us, you’re so tired you’d rather just use them as pillows.

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