Mandatory Hacks: TikTok Travel Guru Teaches You How to Save Big on Domestic Flights Now That Prices Are Skyrocketing

Since the United States is finally opening up, the first thing on people’s agenda–after hanging out with the friends they can still stand–is going on a vacation. Unfortunately, this has also lead to airlines hiking flights to pre-pandemic prices… because we just can’t catch a break. Thankfully, TikTok user @christian.grossi knows exactly how to hack the matrix so you can travel for next-to-nothing.

Although it sounds like a small-time con, all it takes is a couple of minutes and a private web browser. This is a pivotal step in getting the cheapest flight because airlines track your info and when you return to their website they hike the prices of the flights to force you to book.

Next, go to Google Flights and change it to the state you’re flying out of. However, don’t pick a specific airport. That will limit your ability to travel for nothing. Then click search without any destination to peep the variety of places you can visit for next to nothing. You can also pick a destination city, but the real fun is in seeing all the cheap ass travel options.

After that, you’ll click on dates and choose flexible dates. This will provide you with the lowest prices for the next six months. It will give you the absolute cheapest prices for roundtrip tickets for a weekend, a week or two week stays in a variety of cities and airlines.

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With this knowledge, have a few cocktails and play our favorite new drinking game Cheap Travel Roulette, which is really just your drunk alter ego booking you a random trip for next to nothing. All you have to do is sober up and realize where you’re going and when.

Cover Photo: via apomares (Getty Images)