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Life Hack of the Week: A Mandatory Video For Traveling With a Checked Bag For Free

Welcome to Life Hack of the Week. Today, we’re teaching you a life hack that will always ensure you travel with everything you need without paying for a checked bag. These days everything is costly, especially traveling. Now that airlines nickel and dime us for everything, even checking a bag becomes an extra expense.

In the U.S., most airlines charge an additional fee for bags over 50 pounds, and these fees typically start at around $50. Not only that, on average, international flights tack on even higher fees than those for domestic flights. If you don’t want to pay extra fees, but do want to take everything you need on your trip without paying for a checked bag, we’ve got the life hack for you.

TikToker @nolimitua cracked the code for sneaking extra clothes on board your flight in a way that will avoid you any extra fees. Plus, this hack will keep you comfy while you travel. A two-for-one hack that you’ll never travel without again. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Image: @nolimitua (TikTok)

What You’ll Need 

  • Empty Pillow Case with Zipper
  • Bulk Item Clothes

You probably already know this, but taking a pillow on your flight is free. That’s right, this hack will ensure you fly with everything you need without paying for a checked bag. Instead, with this life hack, you’ll carry on a pillow… stuffed with your clothes.

In fact, start with a clean pillowcase that has a zipper on one end. The zipper is key because you’ll need it to stay closed so your clothes don’t fall out. This con hack works because you stuff the pillowcase with your bulk items, including sweatshirts, jeans, pants, and even jackets. When your pillow looks flat and fluffy, zip it up, and carry it onboard.

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The bonus hack is that you still are taking a pillow on board that you can snuggle up with and sleep on. Imagine trying that with a suitcase. Insane. The next time you travel, remember your pillowcase and stick it to the airlines the way they want to stick it to you.