Deck the Halls With Seasonal Nonsense: Our Favorite Drinks and Snacks Are Getting a Christmas Rendition

We love everything about the holidays. Even though the weather outside can literally be frightful, the season is full of delicious, mouth-watering drinks and snacks that we stuff our faces with as we watch the Great British Baking Show holiday specials in one sitting. The only thing better than indulging in your favorite drinks and snacks is when your go-to treats are transformed into holiday-themed shapes or seasonal flavors. We gorge on Christmas tree-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and limited edition Goldfish. We can’t get enough candy cane-flavored cookies and ice cream and we’re all about anything hot chocolate-flavored or shaped like a snowman. All in all, we’re crazy about seasonal drinks and snacks, so we scoured the internets to find the best of the best. From Oreos to M&M’s to Pringles, this list has everything you need to stock up on this holiday season. Check them all out below.

Photo: Nabisco

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