Massive Booze-Filled Stocking Is Guaranteed to Make the Holidays OK (Red-Out Is the New Blackout)

Unless you’ve been a naughty boy or girl, your Christmas stocking will be filled with lottery scratch-offs, lip balm, chocolates, and various small gifts and treats. If you’ve managed to find yourself on Santa’s naughty list, you’re going to get a stocking full of coal. But, if you’re a little naughty and a little nice, you might get a stocking filled to the brim with your favorite booze. Thanks to the Happy Hangover Wine and Spirit Hanging Plastic Christmas Holiday Stocking Flask, you can have whiskey, wine, gin, rum, or tequila (just not all at once) at your fingertips to keep you from going crazy during the holidays. Just unscrew the top and fill it up before you sip from the bottom spout (or pour it into a glass, but why be civilized at a time like this?).

The stocking looks like the beloved Christmas stocking that you’ve had your whole life. The difference is that this one is made of plastic and has a super jolly greeting at the bottom that says, “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy hangover.” So, that’s fun. The best part is that if you hang it up and don’t tell any of your guests, you can refill your secret booze cup on the down-low without drawing suspicions from your nosey aunt Karen. Here are the 12 different forms of alcohol we’d like to drink out of this festive footwear.

Photo: eclipse_images (Getty Images)

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