Santa Claus Was Recently Involved In A Parachute Fail

Photo: Graiki (Getty)

Forget the sleigh, looks like Santa Claus has decided to jump out of planes this year. Although by the looks of things he may need a tad more practice.

George Krokus decided to dress up as Santa Claus and jump out of a plane, with hopes of landing smoothly on the Tampa Bay Beach Bums volleyball tournament in order to bring gifts for their annual “Operation Santa” drive. And that’s a very nice gesture. The only problem is that Krokus didn’t exactly have a smooth landing. Krokus instead runs into a tree, before landing hard on the sand. And all that led to Krokis breaking his leg.

Check out the video below.

Santa Claus Was Recently Involved In A Parachute Fail

“I felt bad, because I never really seen anyone skydive and that was the first time I saw someone skydive and it didn’t turn out that well, so I felt really bad,” 9-year-old Madison Spiers, who witnessed the event, said. Well, at least that kid doesn’t sound too traumatized by seeing Santa take a tumble.

Krokus broke is leg in two places and was released from the hospital earlier this week. A GoFundme has been set up to help him with his medical bills because America even screws over Santa.

h/t Bay News 9

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