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10 Annoying Food Trends to Watch For in 2020, All of Which Aim to Take Away Your Happiness

Sharing food with the people you love is one of the few simple pleasures left. JK! Dinner tables are as politicized and ruined as the rest of modern life. If it doesn’t cause cancer, it tastes like drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth. Once upon a time, meals cemented social bonds. Now you’re bound to alienate someone by not catering to their obscure allergy or stupid diet trend.

Do you know what a zero-proof drink is? How about a flexitarian? What’s this year’s kale? Whole Foods Market, your friendly neighborhood multibillion-dollar subsidiary of Amazon, released predictions for the top 10 food trends in 2020. Over the next year, ads will bombard you until enough sheeple adopt the trend. Then, it becomes the new normal. This list will help you assimilate or plan to resist.

Photo: Elitsa Deykova (Getty Images)

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