Jager Cold Brew

Jager Cold Brew Is Here to Take a Crap on Our Coffee Addiction

Jäger just got on the cold brew coffee bandwagon. With a combination of 56 botanicals from the digestif plus Arabica coffee, Jägermeister Cold Brew is the boozy bastard child no one asked for. After all, the only thing crazier than a shot of Jäger is a caffeinated shot of Jäger! Now that drinkers can get a buzz and a jolt, they’re sure to make a whole new slew of exciting mistakes (err…we meant “memories”). Since this new cold brew is the equivalent of taking a shot of Four Loko but with much more alcohol, we wonder what kinds of shenanigans you’ll actually get into. That’s we put together a bunch of GIFs that aptly portray just how your night will go after a few swallows of this stuff.

Cover Photo: vasakna (Getty Images)

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