God Bless Amazon: 9 Essential Independence Day Items for a Festive Fourth

The only thing more American than buying stuff you don’t need is buying things covered with the American flag. Since the Fourth of July is right around the corner, these worlds are about to collide. This timely miracle affords you the ability to prove your Americanness by paying homage to the only real God of the USA: capitalism. Seriously though, how can you truly personify the American dream if you don’t max out a credit card in the process? Especially when it’s just to buy USA-themed speedos. These are the items you have to have in order to truly celebrate Independence Day like an American.

Cover Photo: Matthew Micah Wright (Getty Images)

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Well, how will you be expressing your Americanness this 4th of July? Which of these items says, “I’m the most American of all to you?” Let us know in the comments!