Independence Day Style | Brands Made in America, Just in Time for the 4th of July

Photo courtesy of Baldwin.

Craftsmanship and quality are at the forefront of the American-made labels. While some of them have been around for decades, others are just starting their fashion empires, and they all have a few commonalities, including a “Made in America” label. Whether you are looking to pick up fresh denim, dress shirts, boardshorts or accessories, you can now do so easily, and with plenty of options from American-made brands.

Birdwell Beach Britches is at the top of our list (partially for the fantastic name) but also because we truly appreciate the nostalgia in the production of these throw-back boardies and the style.

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If you’re looking to get snuggly in some new sweats, or better yet warm up after a quick morning surf or swim in the local body of water, American Giant is the purveyor of 100% cotton activewear. Touted by many as the greatest hoodie ever made, we’re instantly impressed by the collection of athletes and athleisure activists rocking the new brand.

Meanwhile, if sports or relaxing aren’t in your near future, and all you really need is good garb to wear to work, American-made apparel is not going to let you down. Dehen 1920, founded in (you guessed it) 1920, has been making the heavyweight items for nearly 100 years, and all manufacturing is right here in Portland, Oregon. Wear a classy, very cool Dehen 1920 cardigan with some battered and over-worn denim, like the Henley in MB01 by Baldwin.