Alexa For Babies Ensures the Addiction to Amazon Starts in the Womb

Photo: Carl Court (Getty Images)

After 20 years of bulking up like a gorilla on steroids, Amazon has become one of the most ubiquitous companies on earth. With Jeff Bezos‘ brainchild dominating so much consumer space today, they are now turning their attention to the markets of tomorrow.

Alexa Baby Stats is a handy way for parents to keep track of their newborn kid: from feedings and naps to poops and more, it’s a modern way to keep tabs on your life. This month the company introduced the baby activity skills API, an artificially intelligent stenographer that records your every utterance and stores the data forever.

And while an activity tracking system can be useful for sleep-deprived parents or forgetful fathers, a byproduct of this (that many consumers are overlooking) is that Amazon will now have an ungodly wealth of data on the next gen of shoppers.

Imagine a world where you’re born alongside an artificially intelligent nanny who slowly learns everything about you: how you like your toast, how much you poo, whether or not you floss — essentially mapping your entire lifestyle, from habits and desires to everything you do and don’t like.


For the coming generation, this will likely be considered a normal thing. And Amazon looks primed to be there every step of the way, collecting stats on you in-utero and carrying on mining the data of your every move until you buy your last pair of socks.

While the technology is brand new, the system will rapidly improve as advancements are made and usage increases. Something to note: You can only use the API if you already allow Amazon to store your customer data and identifiers — because you’re not a viable segment of the population unless you shop at Amazon.

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