Billionaire Jess Bezos Took His Robot Dog For A Walk Because That’s What Rich Folks Do Now

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A lot of people have already gotten their tax refunds, and because of that some folks have had some extra cash to splurge a little. But what happens when you’re a billionaire and you literally have everything on the planet? Well, you do with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos did: you get a robot dog and take him for a walk for some reason.

Bezos was recently photographed taking his “dog,” named SpotMini, for a little creepy strolled at the annual MARS robotics conference in Palm Springs, California. Have a look at the photo below shared by Bezos himself on Twitter:

Yep, that’s what super rich people do now — they walk robot dogs, they wear vests and they look like they’re on their way to destroy a group of superheroes. And Bezos has quite the amount of cash to his name as according to Gizmodo he’s worth about $130 billion.

Now let’s just say that Twitter had their opinions on this bizarre photo:

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And let’s not forget that rich people also enjoy eating iguanas:

Let’s just assume the next Avengers movie will focus on them trying to take down Bezos.