Mandatory Good News: Mobile Haircuts Come to New York City Health Care Workers

Most Americans are desperately in need of a haircut right now. With coronavirus quarantine and social distancing measures keeping salons closed, everyone’s mane is a little bit wild. But while the rest of us can make do with quarantine cuts or just hide out at home far from judgmental eyes, health care workers still have to show up every day to work and look presentable.

Some good samaritans realized this, because on Monday, a mobile barbershop called Shortcuts pulled up to Mount Sinai Morningside, one of the busiest hospitals in New York City, to provide free haircuts to staff in gratitude for their “life-giving and selfless work.” There’s nothing like a haircut – and good news – to refresh the spirit in these dark and troubling times. Keep looking sharp and saving lives!

Cover Photo: martin-dm (Getty Images)

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