Meanwhile in New York: Bride’s Parents Sue Venue For $5 Million After Noise Complaint Shuts Down Wedding Reception, First Dance Ruined By Soundless Twerking

Every wedding comes with a few setbacks. From the groom hooking up with the caterer to the bride dying halfway through, the happiest day of your life is also sometimes the weirdest and most emotionally confusing. That’s why if you are one of the lucky few who can blame someone else for your terrible wedding, you’re going to want to sue them for all their worth.

That’s what one New York real estate dad is doing after his daughter’s wedding was “destroyed” by quiet music. The tragedy occurred during the wedding reception when hotel staff forced the DJ to unplug his subwoofer and dial the music down to a respectable volume. As a result, the couple’s first dance quickly became too awkward to watch.

Before their very eyes, the ultimate dream wedding at a posh yet affordable location threatened to become the lamest in history. And when the hotel offered to move the reception next door to a smaller, dingier room, the threat became a reality.

Now, the father of the bride Russell Newman is claiming damages of $5 million against the Brooklyn Pier 1 Hotel and his wedding planner for unforeseen noise restrictions that killed the superfun party vibes he was aiming for.

In his complaint, Newman states: “The elimination of the bass and the restriction of the decibel level during the reception was woefully low, inadequate and inappropriate for this Wedding, or any wedding.” He then told the media, “After about a half-hour into this, [my daughter] was hysterical and crying.”

No wonder half the wedding guests left. No one wants to see that.

Certainly, every wedding deserves to play at least one Nelly song at full volume. And despite making vows with the person you love, the emotional distress of not having that means it’s time to sue.

Cover Photo: Ryan McGinnis (Getty Images)


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