25 Funny Wedding Fails That Will Make You Question the Sanctity of Marriage (And Whether or Not These People Should Be Allowed to Partake)

We’re halfway through wedding season and it’s been a weird one. Coming off a year of pandemic nightmares has made jumping into an open bar with a hundred other strangers feel a little like jumping into a swimming pool full of sharks.

The whole experience has left us longing for the simpler days of yore when disastrous weddings were easy and carefree. Days when we could dance the night away to all our most embarrassing songs (guilt-free) and watch as the best man drunkenly tried to kiss the bride’s stepmom before vomiting on his own trousers.


While every single wedding comes with its fair share of snafus, the really memorable ones stand apart for their truly fantastic fails. So in honor of humans failing spectacularly on one of the most important days of their (or someone else’s) lives, let’s raise a glass to these 25 unforgettable matrimonial malfunctions.

Drink it in folks. And when it’s your day to walk the plank, you won’t feel so bad when you cartwheel into the church and accidentally kick the priest in the face.

Cover Photo: Aksakalko (Getty Images)

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