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Jealous TikToker Made Boyfriend FaceTime Her For His Entire 12-Hour Work Shift (Not the Kind of Job He Thought She Wanted to Capture on Camera)

We’ve heard of couples who go to extremes when faced with jealousy, but the measures taken by one California TikToker are excessive, even by green-eyed monster standards.

A Fresno woman who goes by the name Nela apparently insisted that her boyfriend, Jose Macias, FaceTime her for his entire 12-hour shift at an Amazon warehouse – not because she doesn’t trust him but because she doesn’t trust other women. (Uh-huh. Yeah. Right…)

Like so many psychos who don’t know how crazy they are, she had to post about this on TikTok, just in case she needed to further scare away the competition.

@flackoandnelaMight quit my job & go work w/ him ! ##4u♬ Insane – Summer Walker

In the video, Macias is seen working while Nela is washing dishes at home.

“My boyfriend needs to facetime me his whole 12 hours shift. NOT BECAUSE I don’t trust him but because I don’t trust females,” reads the text in the video. Then, she added in the caption: “Might quit my job and go work with him.”

She followed up with another video, again showing the mind-numbingly boring work environment of her boyfriend, nary a female in sight.

@flackoandnelaSubmitted my resume already ##4u♬ original sound – katavious._

“Facetiming my boyfriend part two, so I know he isn’t flirting with girls.”

If Nela thought she was going to get a virtual pat on the back from fellow TikTokers, well, think again. Millions of people watched the videos and pretty much everyone who commented thought she was batshit crazy.

“THIS ISNT NORMAL,” one said.

“just let him do his job,” another suggested.

“Free him,” a third insisted.

“leave her bro u need better,” someone else advised.

Either this guy is totally pussy-whipped or this was all a huge misunderstanding. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s the latter. Maybe, just maybe, when she said she wanted to film his 12-hour job, he thought she meant they were going to make the most epic sex tape ever. We can only imagine how disappointed he was when he realized she just wanted to watch him pack boxes all day.

Dude, grow a pair and send this girl packing already.

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