Meanwhile in Wales: Monkey Given Cocaine and Flushed Down Toilet Becomes Ultimate Party Pooper (Video)

December is a time for parties and snow (if you catch our drift), but just in case you needed another reminder why giving cocaine to animals is a bad idea, we present the cocaine monkey of Wales. In an act of cruelty that baffles the mind, local nut job Vicki Holland, of Newport, fed her pet monkey a handful of cocaine before tossing her in the toilet and flushing.

As a frightened Milly the marmoset huddled in the basin of the crapper, her owner tormented her with verbal assaults, toilet paper bombs, and Welsh water torture. All the while blaming the little critter for hogging the porcelain throne like a man who’d just eaten an entire holiday hoagie meant for a family of four.

Continuing her streak of of cocaine logic, Holland captured the entire incident on home video so she’d be easy to convict. But be warned, the footage will ruin a small child’s Christmas, so clear the room before you press play:

After authorities caught wind of Holland’s animal abuse, they swooped in with a warrant and rescued Milly. Using the above footage as evidence, Holland plead guilty to three counts of animal abuse and will never be able to own a pet for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Milly was taken to Monkey World, a sanctuary for abused primates, where she now has a BFF in fellow marmoset, Moon. Together, the pair get high the natural way, by spooning like two teenagers in love.

It’s a holiday story with a happy ending to warm your heart before you pass out under the Christmas tree from a venomous snake bite. Merry Christmas!

Cover Photo: YouTube (RSPCA)


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