Baby Monkey Riding on Goat’s Back Tells Us We’re Spending Too Much of Our Time With People

Why can’t we all just get along? It appears different species in the animal kingdom can. The latest example comes out of Sea Lake in Vietnam, where a baby monkey and a goat have become fast friends.

In a now-viral video, you can see the adorable BFFs interacting.

A pair of human hands offers up some berries, and the goat comes galloping toward them to partake. That’s when you see there’s a baby monkey right alongside the goat, clinging to its side. After they each take a bite out of the berries, the monkey hitches a ride on the goat’s back. The four-legged animal doesn’t seem to mind the clingy primate.

As it turns out, the pair live in the forest together, like siblings, and share owners. The monkey is named BiBi and the goat’s moniker is Bebe. We could watch them hanging out together indefinitely; their friendship fills us with warm fuzzies – and, we have to admit, it makes us a little jealous. We wish we had a friend this loyal and loving. Maybe we should search for our next best bud in the animal kingdom; people, after all, just tend to be disappointing.

Cover Photo: New York Post