World’s Largest Pot Brownie Might Be Best Party Favor of Our Lives, Commence Freaking Out

This pot brownie could literally kill you. Not just from the insane levels of THC gooeyness loaded into this prized pastry (ahem, 20,000 milligrams) but also because of the sheer mass of it. But who wouldn’t want to shuffle off this mortal coil crushed by an 850 pound square of cannabis-infused chocolate as you nibble it from below?

Dream scenarios aside, the ultimate munchie snack was created by MariMed, Inc. in honor of both National Brownie Day and Bubby’s Baked, their new line of hifalutin edibles. No doubt, the Massachusetts-based dispensary responsible for this monster chocolate raised the bar higher, out-sizing the previous Guinness Book record-holder by over 600 pounds.

So what does it take to make the world’s largest pot brownie?

In case you wanted to try this at home (you know you want to) all you need is 1,344 eggs, 250 pounds of sugar, 212 pounds of butter, five pounds of vanilla extract, 81 pounds of flour, two pounds of baking powder, three pounds of salt, and enough cocoa powder to anchor a steamboat. Dare we say a new version of The British Bakeoff is on the way?

But enough talk. Feast your eyes on the world’s largest pot brownie.


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Ready the forks, people, it’s time to get baked. All we need now is the world’s largest glass of milk and a diving board.

Cover Photo: skodonnell (Getty Images)


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