Kim Kardashian Passes the Bar, But Can She Do the Limbo With So Much Booty?

Kim Kardashian just did what no one thought she could do. She passed the first of two California bar exams bringing her one step closer to becoming a bonafide lawyer. And with someone as stunning as her in the courtroom, we have a feeling crime is about to skyrocket. After all, who wouldn’t want to be defended by a brainy bikini model and business mogul wearing a designer power suit smelling of rare fruits?

While most traditional lawyers go to law school for three years, the Beverly Hills icon fast-tracked her legal dreams in two, taking an internship with Dream Corps JUSTICE, a prison reform non-profit. After she failed the first-year law exam, she linked up with a team of legal experts to help her movie montage her way straight to the bar exam.

The milestone moment sees Kim following in the footsteps of her dad Robert, who famously defended O.J. Simpson in the murder trial of the century. (Um, so last century.) Of course, we don’t know what Kardashian plans on doing once her law license is in hand, but we have a feeling she might have done it all just so she could post a picture of herself in this stunning blue outfit:


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It turns out, even with all the resources of a billionaire at her disposal it still took Kardashian a handful of tries (minus the thumbs up) to pass the big test. But now that Queen Kardashian is poised to complete the bar exam, the only question left is: How long will it take before she becomes the first woman POTUS? And will Pete Davidson be the First Dude?

Cover Photo: Gotham (Getty Images)


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