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Woman Brings Pet Raccoon To Fire Station After It Gets Super High On Weed

Photo: olegh (Getty Images)

While we all remember the time a dog got into a pot brownie, we can’t say we’ve ever heard of someone reaching out for medical assistance for a raccoon that had a tad too much weed. Well, that’s exactly what happened in Indiana recently.

According to WTHR, a woman recently took her pet raccoon (because some people have them as pets) to the Wayne Township Fire Department, looking for help for her stoned raccoon. And what did this woman do? Well she just rang the station’s doorbell over and over again until someone answered.

Fire captain Mike Pruitt revealed that the door was opened because he and his team believed their was something terribly wrong. But all they were confronted with was a woman who was telling them that her raccoon had been “accidentally exposed to too much of someone else’s weed” and she was now panicking that it was overdosing.

Here’s what captain Pruitt had to say about the stoned raccoon:

“They could tell that the raccoon was lethargic and met all of those symptoms that we typically run into when someone’s been exposed to marijuana. It really left the guys scratching their heads that someone brought a raccoon to the firehouse at 2 am seeking help, and especially with the condition the animal was in, so we hope that the raccoon made a full recovery.”

And this call is just as bizarre:

While there was some back-and-forth over what the raccoon had ingested, they eventually discovered it was good old marijuana. The firefighters revealed that there was nothing they could do for the raccoon, and it would just have to chill out and let the affects wear out.

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But let’s wrap this up with a question from Twitter that everyone is thinking:


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