This Raccoon Learned The Hard Way That He’s Put On A Few Pounds

Photo: Lupico (Getty)

Trying to run a mile after the holidays, sitting next to a Victoria’s Secret model in an Uber Pool and sometimes just trying to lift your kid are all great ways to confirm that you are a tad chubbier and more out of shape than you used to be.

When it comes to raccoons, I guess getting stuck in a sewer grate because you’ve been pigging out on too many half-eaten Twinkies and pork chops is one way to come to the conclusion that it might be time for some serious lifestyle changes.

Photo: Zion Police Department

According to UPI, that’s exactly what happened to this pudgy fucker in Illinois who needed help from not only the Zion Police Department but also Animal Control and the Public Works Department after getting his fat ass caught in a sewer grate last Thursday.

“It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate,” the police department said.

Photo: Zion Police Department

The studs from the Public Works Department were called in because neither the police officer nor the animal control officer could pull the guy out despite a solid team effort. The “portly” fellow was finally released and decided to walk it off, which is a nice start on his road to dropping a few pounds.

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