This Dog Ate A Pot Brownie And He Clearly Enjoyed It

Photo: alohadave (Getty)

My sister once had a party and was dumb enough to give my tiny dog some liquor in his water bowl. My dog got drunk but was fine of course. And the reason I tell you that shameful story is because someone on Reddit decided to share a photo of her friend’s dog who found his way into some pot brownies.

Reddit user JustHavinAGoodTime, shared the photo with this caption:

“My friend’s dog ate a pot brownie yesterday.”

And now have a look at how much the dog enjoyed hi pot brownie.

This Chihuahua clearly had a good day. And as you can tell, this dog could barely stand up-right.

Photo: Twitter/Reddit

But there’s actually a reason for this according to according to Redditor HardlinerBullet, saying that his stance is “actually an indication of a neurological disconnect in its brain.” Oh boy.

But don’t worry, according to the dog owner’s friend, the chihuahua is “alive and well,” adding this:

“Mistakes happen but action was taken immediately.”

Well, Twitter had plenty of opinions on this stoned dog:

h/t Someecards

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