Man Who Barely Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprio Says Fleeting Resemblance and COVID-19 Has Hurt His Career


In the past, we’ve seen stories about everyday people who strongly resemble celebrities. While it’s fun to look like a handsome, well-known person, it does put some strain on their lives. If they really look like an iconic person, they get bothered in public similar to the star themselves. It can also impact their work life and love life. But a story out of Russia definitely doesn’t fit this bill at all. That’s because, regardless of what this man thinks, he barely resembles a famous celebrity.


Apparently, a few years ago a Russian man named Roman Burtsev received a bit of internet fame because of his fleeting, passing resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio. While the internet seems to think so, we’re honestly not so sure. He could potentially pass for the Hollywood icon if it was for a film role where he was wearing a ton of heavy makeup. Otherwise definitely not.

This hasn’t stopped the 39-year-old from claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt his doppelgänger- based career. Even though we’re having a hard time believing him, he claimed that before the COVID-related shutdowns, he would pose for selfies (with people who really need to get their eyes checked). Seriously, this guy looks nothing like the ‘Catch Me if You Can’ star.


Before the outbreak, he says that he even signed contracts with advertisers only to have them terminated because he wasn’t able to lose enough weight to even remotely look like DiCaprio. He also says that wearing a face mask has made it tough for people to notice him on the street.

In all honesty, he shouldn’t blame the pandemic for running his “career”. He should blame the fact that he was trying to make money based on the fact that he doesn’t remotely look like a celebrity.