Upset man suffering from strong eye pain. Healthcare concept, panorama

Meanwhile in New Mexico: Super 8 Motel Guest Struck in the Eye When Meth Shot Out of Faucet (Uh-huh, Yeah, Right)

Unless you’re staying in five-star lodgings, you never know what you might find in any given hotel room. This goes double if you’re staying somewhere on the level of a Super 8 Motel. So forgive us for not being shocked that a guest in Portales, New Mexico made an unusual discovery – and suffered a painful injury – during a stint at the budget chain.

Police were called to the Super 8 Motel on U.S. Route 70 after a guest complained of being struck in the eye by a piece of methamphetamine that allegedly shot out of the faucet. Authorities later released a statement confirming that a “large amount of methamphetamine had been introduced to the building’s water system and then continued throughout the building.” They also found more meth later on in other locations, like the ice machine.

Somehow, all this meth didn’t leech into the water itself. (But just imagine if it had! Party time!)

“The building is equipped with a device intended to prevent water back flow into the City’s water system and the water was turned off to the building for further precautions and safety measures,” the statement said.

We suppose this is all plausible, but doesn’t it sound just a little fishy? In the same vein of “whoever smelt it, delt it,” could it be that some meth head got a little too eager to get high and hurt himself? After all, the water system seems like a really stupid spot to stash your drugs…

Cover Photo: Prostock-Studio (Getty Images)