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Ridiculous Exercise Equipment That Never Should Have Been Invented (Peloton, Join the Club)

Everyone wants a hot bod but nobody wants to do the work. That’s where inventors of absurd exercise equipment come in. They create products that make working out look like child’s play – without mentioning the fact that most of them don’t deliver the swole results as advertised in their slick and persuasive infomercials.

But facts have never stopped Americans from dropping their hard-earned dough on products that promise to make them look a little less doughy. While most of these contraptions are hilarious in hindsight now that they’re no longer on the market, the reality is that many of them were not only ineffective but could be downright dangerous. (Peloton treadmills, we’re looking at you.)

Here are eight pieces of ridiculous exercise equipment that never should have been invented. Consider this your excuse for staying on the couch.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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