This Portable Fitness Equipment Shaped Like An Axe Is the New Upgrade On Weights

TL; DR: A portable, axe-like workout tool at a 13% discount.

To make a complete understatement, 2020 has been weird. Everyone’s been affected in their own ways, and if you’re a fitness buff, your workout struggle has been real. You watched in dismay as your gym got shut down for TBD, with some even going out of business while waiting to reopen. Then you watched in dismay as every site you tried to buy weights from showed “out of stock” where the “add to cart” button should be.

But you don’t have to give up on your workout goals just because of the Great Dumbbell Shortage of 2020. The Chopper by ChopFit is a unique alternative for your full-body workouts. This piece of equipment, which is designed like an axe, utilizes chopping motions for both cardio and strength routines that will help you stay in shape this year and beyond.

Although it’s made in a portable, 4-pound size, The Chopper provides multiple weight loads based on how you grip it. If you hold it closer to the top, it feels a lot lighter, but when you move down the handle, it morphs into a 16-pound beast. You don’t have to worry that the Chopper might slip out of your hand though — it’s got a wrist strap that’ll let you hold it like Thor’s hammer. It’s also engineered to withstand the hardest workouts, so you have all the freedom to test your limits.

This full-body workout equipment also comes with an app that’s loaded with quick programs that can be done wherever you are in less than 20 minutes, and it has a real-time dashboard that helps you keep track of your progress. It’s like the holy grail of cardio equipment, and pro athletes like Udonis Haslem, Bud Dupree, and Matt Mooney agree.

Get back on track in your getting-ripped journey — and look cool as hell in your IG workout stories — for $119.99, as The Chopper is available at a 13% discount on the original price of $139.

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