Mandatory Fitness Battles: Peloton vs. Bicycling Outside Like a Natural Man

Staying fit during a pandemic is about as easy as catching a greased hog with your bare feet. Luckily, some genius invented a tool to help us catch the hog: Peloton.

If you were hoping to maintain a certain level of fitness during the lost year (and willing to drop about $2,000 on a standard model), Peloton bikes have been a godsend. With gyms closed and sharing the air of other humans beings a questionable proposition, staying inside and Pelotoning your sweet, sweet bod off has become a welcome distraction from reality. This is why Peloton subscriptions have skyrocketed in the past 12 months (along with the alarming sound of our neighbors grunting for 45 continuous minutes just before lunchtime).

In stark contrast, bicycle manufacturers cut production in 2020, predicting a world where no one would want to step outside for a bike ride. Oh, how wrong they were. As people desperately sought any excuse to leave the confines of their homes (while still avoiding others) they turned to the humble bicycle in droves.

Between the two, pedaling became all the rage over the last year. But while Peloton bikes and bicycles may look like best friends on the surface, the experience of riding them couldn’t be more different. So when it comes to the tree-trunk-ness of your legs and the juicy swoll-ness of your calves, which machine works best? Today we go head-to-head in a race between the ultra-modern Peloton bike and the classic bicycle to see who will win fitness gold.

Cover Photo: Adam Weiss (Getty Images)

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However you slice it, getting fit is not only good for your mental and physical health, it’ll help sweep away the quarantine blues when it’s time to emerge from your hidey-hole. But with a truly accessible price point that feels like a mini-vacation away from the house, the tried and true bicycle remains one of the greatest fitness machines ever made. Plus, you can use it to pick up the dry cleaning you totally forgot about at the start of the pandemic. Now get out there and get your sweat on you sexy beast.

Overall Winner: Lowly Bicycle

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