Trump Supporters’ Boat Parade Goes Belly-Up, Just Like His Presidency

Parades are a thing of the past, at least when they take place on the street. But in these social distancing times, parades are still possible on the high seas. At least, in theory. A group of people in Texas found themselves all washed up after attempting a boat parade in support of President Trump on Lake Travis over the weekend.

In a tweet, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it “responded to multiple calls involving boats in distress during the Trump parade on Lake Travis. Several boats did sink.”

Call it karma, poetic justice, or a perfect metaphor – this is weird news gold. And ripe for ribbing, which is likely why the sheriff’s department turned off replies on Twitter. Of course, that didn’t stop social media users from sounding off.

Over 2,600 people had RSVPed on Facebook to the event. No word on if there were injuries or fatalities, or if those on board came to their senses and jumped ship – literally or politically.

Cover Photo: CNN

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