New Viral Video Will Drive You Crazier Than ‘The Dress’ and ‘Laurel or Yanny’ Put Together

You guys, it’s happening again. First, there was the goddamned dress. Back in 2015, the internet was floored by a viral video debate about whether a certain dress was black and blue or white and gold (it was white and gold, BTW). The image of the dress made its way around all of the social mediums, amassing millions of views and the debate about what fucking color the dress actually is still rages on to this day. If you think the current political landscape drew a line in the sand for people, you ain’t seen nothing like ‘The Dress.’

Then, a mere three years later, before the dress debate was even settled, the world was introduced to Laurel or Yanny. Who are they, you may be asking? Well, Laurel and Yanny are ethereal creatures, living just on the outside of our subconscious. A video-cum-science experiment came out in 2018, in which viewers listened to an audio message. The message, depending on who heard it, either repeated the word “Laurel” or “Yanny.” It was a mind-blower that science still hasn’t been able to offer an easy explanation for. And now, there’s something much, much worse.

Originating on TikTok (we think, though it could have been planted by Russia…or aliens…), it’s a viral video in which a moderately attractive woman points at two phrases: “Green Needle” and “Brainstorm.” The gag is that you only hear one word at a time, and it depends entirely on the word you’re actually looking at. For example, when you play the video, if you look at the phrase “Brainstorm,” you will hear the phrase “Brainstorm,” but if you look at the phrase “Green Needle,” that’s what you will hear.

Fuckin’ brains, man. Who knows what they’re actually capable of? Our brains are complex, fickle beings. One day they’re telling us that we’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like us. The next, they’re having us question our entire existence and whether the world would actually be better off without us. If we can’t even trust our brains on stupid TikTok videos, how do we trust them to make the big decisions? You can try tricking the video all you want, too. But there’s no tricking the video. It is better than you. It is smarter than you. And doggone it, people are gonna lose their goddamn minds.

Photo Credit: TikTok

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