Woman Snaps Selfie With Black Bear and Somehow Survives to Help Us Continue Wasting Away on Social Media

Photo: Stan Tekiela (Getty Images)

Everyone loves a good selfie. Sure, we can take a selfie in our boring living room or backyard, but we really enjoy taking them with beautiful scenery in the background. Bonus points if you can take a selfie with breath-taking sights and a wild animal. Since we’re not that adventurous, our animal selfie options start with goats and end with horses. We don’t go much farther than farm animals. But, one Mexican selfie-taker was a little bolder than us. She decided that it was a great idea to pose with a black bear.

It all happened at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. A fellow visitor caught the whole thing on video.

In what could have had a much worse ending, the woman is seen on the video posing for a selfie while a black bear stands on its hind legs behind her sniffing her hair. The fact that she has no fear of posing for a photo with a wild animal is fairly jarring. But she poses like she’s taking pictures with her besties as opposed to a ferocious woodland creature.

This whole scenario could have ended very badly for the selfie taker and her friends. Luckily, the bear (who actually looks like it’s posing for the photo) walked away without incident.

In a statement on its website, the park pointed out that the beer was showing “an abnormal behavior caused by human beings” and said it was planning to capture the bear because it’s very dangerous for the wild animal to not be afraid of humans.

Even though she got the selfie of a lifetime, we really don’t advocate for people posing in front of bears, wolves, or mountain lions. It’s not worth it for a few likes on Instagram.

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