Goodbye Bernie: The Best Memes to Remember the Two-Time Presidential Candidate By

Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his second presidential campaign and we are seriously bummed. In a livestream announcement on Wednesday, the democratic socialist thanked his supporters for “helping to create an unprecedented grassroots political campaign that has had a profound impact in changing our nation.” Two million Americans contributed to the campaign, with an average donation of $18.50, proving that the effort to get him elected was truly one of everyday people.

While Sanders acknowledged that the path to victory was “virtually impossible,” he insisted that the movement he inspired was winning ideologically, with Medicare for All, climate change activism, and free college education finally gaining support among the masses. He also congratulated Joe Biden, whom he said “will be the nominee” facing off against President Donald Trump in November.

Sanders signed off asking for supporters to “stay in this fight with me.” It was a gracious goodbye, but we aren’t ready to give up yet on our favorite Boomer and political icon. In honor of Sanders and all he represents, we’ve gathered up the best memes by which to remember the tenacious politician who made us “feel the Bern” and care about changing the world.

Cover Photo: Bauzen / Contributor (Getty Images)

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