Mandatory Showdown: Pete Buttigieg v. Amy Klobuchar in the ‘Survivor’ Style Battle to Be Joe Biden’s Vice-President

The Democratic pool for the 2020 presidential election is shrinking. With Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar both ending their campaigns over the past several days, it appears the contest will come down to suspiciously senile Joe Biden or meme-tastic Bernie Sanders. If Biden takes home the nomination, who will he name as his running mate? As moderates, Buttigieg and Klobuchar are obvious picks for a potential vice-presidency. But only one is truly suited for the job that no politician really wants. In this Mandatory Showdown, we’re pitting these two Midwesterners against one another to see which might get a second wind in this election cycle yet.

Cover Photos: Scott Olson / Staff (Getty Images)

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After careful deliberation, we’re going to declare Buttigieg the more likely candidate for vice-president. He’s better suited to play second fiddle, a role Klobuchar is too experienced (and has too big of an ego) for. Buttigieg would fade nicely into the background behind President Biden, doing all the human interest events that are part and parcel of the VP gig with a smile on his face while the big man gets the real work done. They also have that “B” alliteration going for them, and it’d make for some sweet campaign logos.

Overall Winner: Buttigieg

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