Andrew Yang Goes Rogue on the Campaign Trail, Starts Giving Whipped Cream Facials to Supporters

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get weirder, Democratic candidate Andrew Yang starts blowing loads of whipped cream straight from the can into the mouths of his supporters. And that is not a metaphor (or is it?). As President Trump nears the verdict of impeachment proceedings, Democrats scramble to find the right candidate to face him in the still-likely chance he’ll run for the 2020 election. So far we have 78-year-old Bernie on the basketball court and Joe Biden’s No Malarkey Tour from the 1700s. But what better candidate is there than the one degrading their own supporters on their knees, willing taking a squirting from their fearless leader (sounds like something Trump himself would do)? Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg and other wealthy liberals line up to take over the Democratic party, who will likely take the high road and just throw millions of dollars out of a blimp. It seems Yang’s new slogan is going from #Math to “Take One For the Team.” He didn’t stop with one either…

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