Man Snorts Cannabis Balloon Before Going to Prison, Screws Up Because Wrong Hole, Asshole

If you know you’re going to jail and you want to “self-medicate” while in the clink, you might take a page out of an Australian man’s book and snort a balloon filled with cannabis to use later. By doing this, he thought he’d found a loophole from the cavity search required of inmates. That’s all well and good, except that after swallowing the pot, he forgot about it…for 18 years!

After his time behind bars, the man left his life of crime behind, but fragments still remained…mostly in his nasal cavity. After complaining of persistent headaches, he finally sought help at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital, where doctors quickly found the source of his pain: an 18-year-old bag of weed. Surgeons were able to successfully remove the balloon and gave the man a stern talking to about the do’s and don’ts of proper drug smuggling, like don’t snort your stash; shove it up your ass like a normal person.

Cover Photo: 4×6 (Getty Images)

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