Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts Dumps Styrofoam Cups (And Stronghold of Unsustainable Asshole Customers in the Process)

Dunkin’ Donuts is trying to reduce its carbon footprint one cup at a time. But their new ban on Styrofoam cups has customers up in arms, with many taking to Twitter to share their displeasure, while others have begun hoarding cups for the long, cold winter. The backlash started over “double-cupping,” a habit of Dunkin’ customers who order cold beverages but don’t want to get their hands cold, a perfect storm of self-pampering and wastefulness. But seeing the negative environmental effects of such behavior, Dunkin’ has decided to put an end to double-cupping, using slogans like “consciously un-cup-ling” to get patrons on board with the movement. Unfortunately, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it stop being a total environmental jackass.

And while Dunkin’s small transformation is laudable, it would be nice to see big companies do even more. As for the rest of us, it’s time we started letting go of a few bad habits. Because real change has to happen on both sides of the cash register if humans hope to curb the effects of climate catastrophe. Here are eight easy ways to change up your consumption ruts today for a better planet tomorrow.

Photo: NBC

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