New York Man On Multiple Drugs Arrested While Driving Doorless Car With Axe In The Roof And No Windshield

Photo: Darwin Wiggett (Getty)

Somebody once threw a rock threw the back window of my rusted-out Oldsmobile, so I was forced to drive around with a plastic bag over it for a while before eventually selling it to the owner of a junkyard for 70 bucks.

Well, this guy’s ride makes mine look like a brand new Cadillac.

According to WIVB, a 21-year-old Java man was arrested Monday after police pulled over his car that was not only missing its doors and windshield but also had an axe stuck in the roof.

axe in car

Police said they pulled over Jared Price in the town of Wethersfield because of his shitty ride, but they quickly came to the realization that he might be intoxicated. Price “performed poorly” on several tests the officers administered, so they took him back to the cop shop, where an expert concluded he was on multiple drugs.

Price was slapped with charges of DWAI-drugs, DWAI by the combined influence of drugs, not having a license plate, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, operating without insurance, not having a front windshield on his vehicle and of course, not having any safety glass in that vehicle. His bail was set at $10,000, but coming up with that scratch is obviously going to be quite a bitch.

Oh, and here is Price’s precious car.

Photo: Wyoming County Sheriff's Office

Photo: Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office

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