New Hampshire Woman Arrested For Drugs Gets Rearrested After Demanding Them Back

Photo: via NY Times

Some people love their drugs more than others, but you’d be hard pressed to find somebody who loves them more than Emily Morin.

According to WRAL, the 26-year-old Concord woman was arrested in Salem Tuesday during a “shoplifting incident.” But it’s what was taken from her by the arresting police officer that really chapped her ass something fierce.

Police said they seized Suboxone, a highly addictive substance that can be used to treat heroin addiction, and then told Morin they were going to keep it as evidence. That didn’t sit very well with her, so she did the most logical thing in her mind to get them back.

New Hampshire Woman Arrested For Drugs Gets Rearrested After Demanding Them Back

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That thing? You guessed it: She drove down to the police station and demanded that the cops give those drugs back to her. Now, there are a number of things wrong with that line of reasoning, but for police, the number one thing was that Morin was driving a vehicle despite having a suspended license and registration.

So, they had no choice but to arrest her yet again, but this time Morin wasn’t going down without a fight. There was a brief struggle before police were able to subdue her and charge her with driving after suspension, breach of bail, and resisting arrest to go along with other drug and willful concealment charges.

It’s unknown if she has hired a lawyer, but we’re pretty sure you can make an educated guess as to what the answer is there.

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