A California Restaurant’s Vending Machine Was Spitting Out Toys With Cocaine In Them

Photo: Bell Gardens police

Let’s be honest: You can’t ask for much more than that for only 25 cents.

According to ABC 7, Bell Gardens police recently seized 17 toys from a vending machine inside Taqueria Los Altos after a concerned parent called them to report a disturbing thing about the toy her son purchased from the machine for just a quarter.

That disturbing thing? You guessed it: It was filled with cocaine.

Photo: Bell Gardens police

The mother said that while her child was playing with the “putty-ball toy” Monday afternoon, “it ruptured and a white powder came out.” Police did some further testing on the powder, and they were quickly able to confirm that it was none other than pure snout candy.

136 grams of booger sugar was pulled from the 17 toys pulled from the vending machine that came from a company called “Snack Time Vending,” which when you think about it, is probably the most appropriate name you could come up with. Police have yet to locate “Snack Time” headquarters or its owners and are asking other restaurants and businesses with machines from them to pull them off the floor.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the cheapest Bolivian marching powder money can buy, you might want to check the back of every toy vending machine in Bell Gardens to see if it came from “Snack Time.”

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