Life Hack

Life Hack of the Week: A Mandatory Video for Getting Free Snacks Out of a Vending Machine

Perhaps you’re poor. Hell, we’re all poor these days, and because of this, a freebie is almost always necessary. Speaking of freebies, this week’s life hack is a little controversial but that’s because it’s an easy way to snack for free. A little-known fact about freebies is that someone somewhere pays because one of the great joys of capitalism is someone, somewhere always pays. Of course, we have no problem with someone else paying, so long as it’s a major corporation. That said, the life hack of the week is a trick we learned from TikTok user @thejeepguy, who maybe works for Jeep and has been sticking it to the auto manufacturer by stealing free snacks out of their vending machine… or maybe not.

Image: @g_thejeepguy (TikTok)

What You’ll Need

  • Coffee Stirrer
  • Dollar Bill
  • Tape

Getting free snacks couldn’t be simpler and it all starts with a coffee stirrer. Take a long piece of tape, around 5 inches, and attach it to the stirrer. Leave about half of the tape hanging off the stirrer. Next, adhere the tape to your paper money leaving about an inch of tape exposed between the stirrer and the money. Then, flip that over and attach the tape to the other side of the tape, as though you are sandwiching the stirrer and money together. You want to do this to make sure you’re securing the stirrer to the dollar bill, so you can tug it back out of the machine after it’s read the money as though it’s been deposited.

@g_thejeepguySnack hack ##free ##snack ##life ##hack♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

Now, stick the dollar portion into the evening machine and pull it right back out again. Do this as many times as you need to stock up on snacks. Congratulations on sticking it to the man! Even though it means people might see you using a money flag to steal from a vending machine like you’re Charlie on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. But, hey, don’t free Doritos taste better than your dignity?