Arkansas Woman Pisses On Cop During DWI Stop

Photo: Matt Cardy (Getty)

Maybe she was trying to get her money’s worth?

According to Arkansas Online, a 48-year-old Jonesboro woman is in deep shit after an officer went to search her during a traffic stop, and she…wait for it…urinated on him.

Police said Melissa Karen Tippett was driving her shitty Ford Taurus without her headlights on Wednesday night, so they decided to pull her over. After one officer noticed an “odor of intoxicants coming from her,” he asked her to walk to his vehicle. That proved to be quite a bitch, as “she kept swaying and losing her balance.”

Arkansas Woman Pisses On Cop During DWI Stop

It didn’t take a genius to figure out at that point that she was intoxicated, so the other officer decided to search her before putting her in the back of the squad car. And that’s when this happened:

“Tippett would not spread her feet apart,” the officer said in the report. “I continued to give her verbal commands to spread her feet apart, and Tippett stated no multiple times.”

The officer pulled Tippett’s feet apart in order to search her.

“As I was searching Tippett began to urinate, and my left hand was soaked in urine,” the officer said.

Bold choice by Tippett, I guess, one that landed her a charge of aggravated assault upon a certified law enforcement officer to go along with DWI, driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked and careless and prohibited driving.

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