So There’s A Donald Trump ‘Groper’ Costume You Can Buy And Profits Will Go To Syrian Refugees

If thought this lady’s pro-Trump shirt was bizarre, or this woman’s “donation” of pubes to the Donald Trump campaign was strange, it’s about to get stranger because there is actually a Trump “Groper” costume you can get. Man, now that’s being topical.

If you want to stand out among the 500 Harley Quinn’s this year, perhaps it’s time you take a different route, the groper route. So while your man will be going as Ken Bone, how about you try your hand at this costume?


Photo: eBay

Jemima Khan took it to her Twitter to inform everyone that her groper costume she wore  for the UNICEF Halloween ball this year is now for sale on eBay. And if you’re interested it is going to cost you about $3,000. Hey, but the profits do go to Syrian refugees. But hey, if you have the cash lying around you can become the talk of your Halloween party, plus make a charitable donation at the same time.


Photo: eBay

Yep, that’s scary as all hell.

h/t Daily Dot

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