Kentucky Man Poses As Cop After Prostitute Steals His Wallet Then Gets Tased By Real One

Photo: Christopher Furlong (Getty Images)

Well, that’s another great thing about Internet porn: It doesn’t steal your wallet.

According to WKYT, a 32-year-old Winchester man who recently got his wallet and phone stolen by a hooker he solicited decided to impersonate a police officer at her apartment complex in an effort to get them back, but wound up getting tased by a real cop instead.

man poses as cop after hooker steals his wallet

Police said Colt Christopher (seriously, that’s his real name) solicited the prostitute around 10 p.m. Tuesday night and then showed up at her apartment after she stole his stuff. Christopher began pounding on her door while screaming that he was a police officer, freaking out many of the hooker’s neighbors.

Fearing that he had a gun, one resident called the real police. When an officer arrived on the scene, Christopher allegedly cursed at him and later “charged at him.” Even in Kentucky you can’t do that, and the real officer tased him.

Christopher was charged with impersonating a peace officer, menacing, disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication. Calls from the media have not been returned, which means the hooker probably still has his phone.

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