5-Year-Old in Chucky Costume Terrorizes Alabama Neighborhood Residents (Some Kids Have All the Fun)

Kids these days. They do the darndest things. Like terrorizing entire neighborhoods by donning a Chucky costume and running around. Yup, that’s what’s happening in Albertville, Alabama. A 5-year-old has taken on the guise of the bloodthirsty doll from the Child’s Play horror film and is freaking out his neighbors.

It all started when 31-year-old Kendra Walden, who was remodeling a house in the area, was driving home in a car with her employees. That’s when she caught a glimpse of a life-sized version of Chucky. At first, she thought she was imagining the creepy sight.

“When we got closer to him we saw that it was real,” she told Today. “It scared the heck out of us.”

Walden and her passengers understandably started screaming. But then they turned the car around to get a closer look. (Doesn’t she know this is how they get you in horror movies?!)

“When we circled back around [the boy] had his mask off, but quickly popped it back on and crossed the street after we passed,” Walden told Today.

They then started taking photos, because you can’t see something this strange and not post it on social media, right?

“Dear Parents of the little boy in the chucky costume in Pinson,” Walden captioned the photos she posted on Facebook. “GET YOUR KID….I almost had a heart attack.”

The post went viral, racking up over 107K shares and 3.1K likes. It eventually made its way to the boy’s mother, who identified him.

Some of the comments were kind of funny, including: “THIS is what happens when there’s not a Chucky movie at least every few years. He takes to the streets.”

Others were not so kind.

“So many people have laughed alongside of us with my post, but some others have posted really rude things,” Walden told Today. “It’s sad to see so many people come at his mother for allowing her child to have some fun — with his grandmother close by watching it all. I wish everyone would be more positive.”

Come on. You can’t go around scaring people in a Chucky costume and expect people to welcome you with open arms now, can you?

Cover Photo: Facebook


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