No Time to Cry: Daniel Craig Gives Entire Interview With Bleeding Face, Would Make a Great James Bond Someday

Daniel Craig has made no bones about the many injuries he’s sustained while filming five Bond movies. From ruptured calf muscles and a torn labrum to smashed front teeth and a snapped leg, the blonde Bond has taken a beating over the course of 17 fantastic years. But even after hanging up his golden gun, the man can’t help spilling blood once the cameras are rolling.

The latest incident took place in the safety of his own home over a Zoom call with fellow thespian Javier Bardem. While partaking in Variety’s cushy Actors on Actors segment, Daniel Craig showed off a new head injury he didn’t even know he had. Even after it started bleeding down his forehead.

Despite being visible during the entire interview, it wasn’t until the end Bardem said something about the mysterious wound: “Let me ask you, my friend, as my last question: What happened to you here?” Bardem wondered, pointing to a spot on his forehead.

“Where? Did I bash my head?” Craig responded, somehow convinced that a piece of sandwich had gotten stuck to his head.

After searching in vain for the laceration, Craig lept from his seat to go look in the mirror, returning with quiet resignation.

“Literally, I was just setting this up when it went DONK!” he explained of the ring light that had bashed his head seconds before the interview started. “It’s just a little whatever,” Craig decided. “If I don’t get injured while I’m filming, I’m not doing it properly.”

Forget James Bond. Someone should make a movie about a bonafide badass called Daniel Craig starring Daniel Craig as himself (with a bleeding face). We’d definitely pay to see those outtakes.

Cover Photo: Jeff Spicer (Getty Images)