10 Other Things James Bond Does Not Have Time For (Besides Dying)

Surviving months of delays (and a global pandemic), the 25th Bond movie has finally landed with a bang, raking in well over $300 million in its first week alone. And for good reason. No Time To Die is a berzerk, action-packed epic full of all the chase sequences, well-tailored suits, and intrigue you’ve come to expect from a 007 movie. It even comes loaded with an algorithmic baddie, a deadly DNA-altering virus, and a saucy cameo from Ana de Armas. But most importantly, it gives Daniel Craig fans a chance to pay their respects to the world’s most famous spy as he embarks on one last hurrah before hanging up his silencers for good.

And as you already know, it’s been a busy decade and a half for James, who lived it up in Monte Carlo, averted a few terrorist attacks, took a wild trip to his childhood home in Scotland, slept with a bunch of beautiful women, never called them back, burned a bunch of calories running after stuff, and got tortured more times than we care to recount. For the man who never dies, it’s a schedule that never stops.

That’s why 007 has no time to live life like a normal person. His world is full of sacrifices made in favor of the lifestyle. Of course, we all know James has no time to die, but what else is he too busy for? Find out below as we reveal ten alternate titles for Bond’s latest adventure in time management.

Cover Photo: Universal

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